Supple NFL Helmet To Reduce Head Injury

Supple NFL Helmet To Reduce Head Injury

Head injuries have plagued with the NFL for several years. However, the helmets which players wear have kept about the exact same design as the 1970s.

This year, roughly 70 NFL players are sporting a brand new helmet that is a radical departure from prior iterations also, the team considers safer.

Vicis Helmet

It will not be easy to see when you are seeing games on Sunday. The Vicis Zero1 seems much like other helmets. Nonetheless, it’s intended to soften the blows into the minds of NFL players. The scientists, neurosurgeons and engineers that made the helmet make sure it will not prevent concussions.

However, the NFL and the NFL Players Association spent the past couple of years analyzing dozens of helmet theories which might help protect gamers. Out of all of the layouts, the Vicis rated highest in security.

It operates by supplying four layers of security. An outer coating compresses to absorb shock and rebounds, how a tennis ball deforms if it strikes a solid surface and then proceeds to shape. Beneath that’s a coating of polymer columns which move in various directions to absorb shock and reduce pressure. Along with also a layer of memory foam offers comfort.

This creates the Vicis helmet, that sells for $1.500, markedly distinct from different helmets, the majority of which consist of one layer of polyurethane cushioning within a tough plastic casing.

Requested Helmet

Approximately half of NFL teams set requests for their own players. “You do not feel that the thuds as difficult as they’re” said Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril, who’s sporting the Vicis.

Chiefs centre Mitch Morse said “he is always seeking to be innovative, particularly about brain function and wellness, so for me personally, it was a fairly simple change to make”.

Medical experts, parents and players are worried that repeated concussions raise the danger of a degenerative disorder called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE.

The team also introduced the head health challenge, a contest to encourage businesses to study and create products to boost player security. Vicis was among those winners and received a round of financing in the NFL. It has since increased $30 million by itself.

An NFL spokesperson informed CNN Money that the league is “optimistic” the Vicis helmet will probably likely be “first of several novel improvements as we continue to stimulate innovation and research”.

Price of Vicis Helmet

The business also wishes to market it to kids and high schoolers. It’ll be available online beginning this autumn. Vicis is not saying exactly what it will cost, simply that the helmet will probably be more economical compared to 1,500. Additionally, it intends to provide discounts.

Vicis cofounder and pediatric neurosurgeon Sam Browd stated he does not want cost to maintain any child from utilizing one.

“There is going to be more communities on the market in which a helmet, regardless of what cost point we are in at, will be possibly too pricey” he explained. “Whatever children feel as though they would like to be within our helmet and might think our helmet is safer, I will ensure they receive the helmet”.

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